About Us

Welcome to The Aliveness Project, a community center located in South Minneapolis that provides services and programs to the HIV/AIDS community. Community center is the key phrase. While our members may be clients to some, or patients to others, they are still individuals that are unique.

Yet one thing brings us all together into one community, AIDS. Our programs and services are designed around a philosophy of self-empowerment. Members can determine which programs to use to maintain or improve the quality of their lives. We support an informed individual’s right to determine what is best for them in dealing with HIV.

While our programs are provided strictly to the HIV community, it does not mean that we wish to be, or are alone in this struggle. We are able to accomplish all that we do here because of the support of the general community, be it in the form of food for the food shelf, volunteering time to answer phones, or simply writing a check. Our small community is beholden to the generous support of the entire community.

AIDS does affect us all; so whether you are a member or not there are ways in which you can help. We offer to our supporters and volunteers the same warm and welcoming environment we offer to our membership.