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Dining Out For Life®

Dining Out For Life
Thursday April 26

Created in 1991, Dining Out For Life ® (DOFL) is a trademarked international fundraiser conducted by more than 60 cities that raises over $4 million for HIV and AIDS annually. The Aliveness Project’s Dining Out For Life is in its 23rd year and one of the largest events in the country.

This year, you along with 160 restaurants, 40,000 diners, and 400 volunteer ambassadors will help us raise over $280,000 to support people living with HIV in Minnesota. Each restaurant donates a minimum of 20% of all food sales and diners give generously to help us reach our goal. You can help make this year’s Dining Out For Life a success: :

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Since 1985, The Aliveness Project has been a community resource and active leader in the HIV community in Minnesota.

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