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Founded by the HIV and AIDS community in 1985 as an alternative source of empowerment, services and support for those living with HIV/AIDS, The Aliveness Project has become a key community resource. We are committed to maintaining a space that provides support, information, and direct services to enhance the quality of lives of those affected by the virus.

The Aliveness Project is an environment that welcomes, assists and comforts its members. It promotes the hope, strength and courage required of people living with HIV.

The Aliveness Project has developed an innovative set of direct services and programs to address the needs of its members. We offer a Food Services Program to supplement daily nutrition, Meetings & Speakers services to provide creative ways of helping people cope with the issues surrounding the AIDS crisis, and Integrative Therapies to augment current modes of AIDS drug and treatment programs.

Along with its dedicated staff, The Aliveness Project is supported by a strong and loving base of individuals who donate their time, talent and services. Nearly 550 volunteer hours are required each and every week!

It is easy to become involved. Please see our Volunteering Page for more information.

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The Aliveness Project

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Since 1985, The Aliveness Project has been a community resource and active leader in the HIV community in Minnesota.

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