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What is Meds4Life? .

Meds4Life is a no cost program that allows people living with HIV to support and give back to The Aliveness Project by purchasing their HIV medications at participating pharmacies.

Who is eligible to participate?

You are, if you live in the state of Minnesota and purchase HIV prescription medications using qualifying insurance.

How does it work?

By using your qualifying insurance and transferring your prescriptions to one of the following Walgreens locations:

  • 2100 Lynndale Ave S, Minneapolis 55405 – 612.872.7808 (mail order available)
  • 1221 W Lake St, Ste 200, Minneapolis 55408 – 612.824.1036
  • 4323 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis 55407 – 612.822.9712
  • 2650 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis 55405 – 612.377.3308

How does someone enroll in Meds4Life?

Contact Arissa Anderson,, Nutrition & Wellness Programs Director, at The Aliveness Project to complete a form which allows the release of prescription information to Walgreens. Meds4Life supporters check-in with Aliveness every six months to renew eligibility.

What are the benefits?

Meds4Life supporters are eligible for case management and/or nutrition and wellness services at The Aliveness Project, including but not limited to:

  • Nutrition assessment and body composition analysis
  • Nutrition and wellness coaching and goal-setting
  • Food journal review, recipe analysis
  • Invitations to exclusive Meds4Life supporter events

Meds4Life supporters have a direct and lasting impact on their community. Up to 40% of each prescription price goes to a constellation of supportive services and programs offered by The Aliveness Project – a sizable impact considering that hundreds of members access these services each day in their quest to stay healthy. It couldn’t be easier to positively impact the wellbeing of Minnesota’s HIV community than enrolling in Meds4Life today.

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